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Give the gift of hope to a deserving youth.


"Founded in 1986, the 100 Black Men of Atlanta is one of the city’s strongest African American volunteer organizations focused on education, enrichment and empowerment through mentorship and community service. It’s long-term goal is to create an educated workforce of well-rounded individuals who understand the importance of giving back to the community."

High School Graduation Rate For Project Success Students
4yr College Graduation Rate For Project Success Students
Alex Green,
Maynard Jackson High School

Alex Green
Maynard Jackson High School

"Project Success has helped me to not only understand school better, but teaches me life skills that will help me once I graduate. Growing up without a father consistently present was taking a toll on my life. I was angry and a tormented person. It was through this program that I found allies and positive role models who have given me opportunities I never would have imagined. I no longer think the world is out to get me but instead I understand the power that I hold over my destiny and how I can contribute to the change I want to see in my neighborhood."