About the 100


Nathaniel Goldston, III

Founder, 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.


Give the gift of hope to a deserving youth.

The History of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.

In 1986, Atlanta-based entrepreneur, Nathaniel Goldston, assembled 18 of his friends and associates together to share the vision of starting a community empowerment organization that would focus on Atlanta’s underprivileged youth. Goldston, who had been exposed to a similar concept during a business meeting in New York called One Hundred Black Men of New York, aptly named the newly formed coalition 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.

100 Black Men of Atlanta was now one of eight 100 Black Men organizations based in cities around the nation. Together these organizations joined forces to create 100 Black Men of America headquartered in Atlanta, which now has more than 100 chapters worldwide — with more than 10,000 members. 100 Black Men of Atlanta has grown to become one of the largest of these chapters, with over 200 members locally.

Through its programs to support Atlanta’s challenged communities, members have become actively involved in educational issues affecting youth, public policy, as well as economic, social and health issues impacting the communities it serves. The organization is often called upon to endorse efforts that support its mission. The members of 100 Black Men of Atlanta are proud of the accomplishments of the organization and the achievements of its students. They look forward to affecting positive change for Atlanta’s challenged communities and its youth for years to come.

Our Mission

The mission of 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. is to provide support and improve the quality of life for African Americans, and youth in particular, in the Atlanta Community.

In this statement we affirm that:

  • We will serve as role models for our youth;
  • We will become a self-sufficient and financially independent group that will assist charitable and other worthwhile community causes;
  • We will give our time, talent and resources back to the Atlanta Community;
  • We will provide the leadership to support issues and causes that promote positive change in our community;
  • We will demand and demonstrate excellence in all of our endeavors.
The organization’s vision is to become the city’s strongest, most self-reliant African-American volunteer organization focused on education, enrichment and empowerment.